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About Us

More than 84% of all consumer purchases made in African cities are done through small, independent shops and account for over $180 billion in sales every year. At Sokowatch we recognize the tremendous importance and potential of these businesses, and have made it our mission to address the needs of these entrepreneurs and provide them with services that will drive growth and improve livelihoods.

This all starts with our innovative approach to last-mile distribution.

A first for emerging markets, Sokowatch offers on-demand distribution to independent retailers, enabling them to save precious time and money by placing orders via SMS to receive free, same-day delivery. This makes it easier for shopkeepers to service their customers and also helps manufacturers ensure that their products are consistently available to consumers. Best of all, Sokowatch collects vital data that enables us and our partners to more efficietly serve the market.

How It Works

Sokowatch employs a team of delivery agents with deep expertise in serving this critical, yet opaque market. Our delivery vehicles act as mobile warehouses, each assigned to a specific region of a city. A thoroughly vetted and experienced driver, with training in customer service and sales, staffs each vehicle and focuses on developing trusting relationships with small retailers in their region. Equipped with proprietary mobile technology, this team services thousands of shops while tracking every delivery to ensure on-time performance.

Our Customer Care staff provides friendly service and helpful support to our thousands of customers. Whether announcing promotions or collecting valuable feedback, they ensure Sokowatch always provides excellent customer service. To further serve customers we add new products to our catalog on a regular basis, with a specific focus on the fastest moving consumer goods. As a result we are constantly adding new customers and expanding our reach in each market.

In addition to our mobile technology, Sokowatch has developed a technology platform tailored to this market and the unique requirements of our business. Our custom ERP, order processing, routing, and agent-tracking systems were all built in-house by our local team of software developers.

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Emily, owner of Wamakena Shop & Sokowatch customer

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer millions of emerging market retail shop owners access to the goods, finance, and data services that will enable them to dramatically improve their businesses and their livelihoods. By creating a unified digitized network of retail shops that rely on us for critical business services, Sokowatch is positioning itself as the leading choice for distribution, market research, and real-time data collection in the these fast growing markets.

Where We Work


Nairobi, Kenya

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sokowatch launched in Nairobi, Kenya in February 2016 after collecting last-mile sales and inventory data across six emerging market countries. The Sokowatch network currently has agents active across Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with plans to expand to other urban centers across the continent in 2018.

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